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I'm Diego Cassina..

A little over 5 years ago, I started publishing videos to help people overcome suffering.

Little did I know those videos would reach 6 million+ views in 106 countries around the world, or that my frameworks would be used by Tony Robbins coaches for intervention training.

I was flying high, creating my own seminars across the United States... .
And then.. something happened... 

I sabotaged it all. I stopped following-through. It's as if internally I wasn't ready for the success that was coming my way.

Somewhere deep in that fog, I discovered the secrets to overcome my own self-sabotage. I used the lessons from that hell to completely flip my life around, and began sharing those secrets with my coaching clients.

I've had the fortune of seeing my students install that mindset and immediately double their productivity, triple their income, find their purpose, launch new businesses...   Are you next?

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Diego Cassina Podcast



The first ever course designed to give you the self-love you need to let go of old identities, destroy self-sabotaging patterns, and live a life you can be proud of.

This is the information I used to get out of debt, launch my business, and get myself out of the depression and anxiety that was keeping me prisoner. If there was ever a program to help free you into the life you were meant to live, this is it.


Have you ever wondered what it might be like to completely transform your life? For those that are want the ultimate package, those who are committed to nothing short of an outstanding life, this is it.

I literally guarantee you the results, or you don't pay me. This isn't for everybody. I only take on the most committed students. If you're interested, click "Learn More".