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Diego Cassina is a thought leader on the topic of serendipity, courtship and human connection. His writing has appeared in Success Magazine, Elephant Journal, LifeHack, and Thought Catalogue among others. This website is an answer to all those people that have started to give up on love. Here you'll find the mentality that leads to heart-based serendipitous connection. You'll learn how to experience beautiful emotion and share beautiful emotion. Those moments where someone misses a train and bumps into the love of their life aren't as far away as you think. It's time to create your story.


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An experiential event that will transform your life forever

The Finding Love experiential event is unlike any other on the planet. This is an interactive seminar that teaches you the blueprint for serendipitous connection, and has you experience it with deep connection exercises. You'll experience one of the most beautifully transformative events of your life and you'll leave the seminar knowing exactly how to find the love you deserve by being who you are.


by Diego Cassina

The Day We Met

A Collection Of Chance Meetings and Serendipitous Stories

“The Day We Met” is currently being written and is accepting stories from readers like you. If you have a great story of spontaneous romance, I would love to include it in the book. If you’ve ever seen the movie “Before Sunrise”, you’ll understand the kind of stories I am looking for.

My goal for this book is to use your story as an inspirational model to express the beauty of human connection and encourage more people to say hello. I think we can all agree that the world needs more love. Hopefully together we can make a difference.

The expected release date is October 2016.


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