How To Create A Serendipitous Connection

By   May 4, 2016
in  Connection, Dating & Relationships

I want to give you a quick tip on how to create a serendipitous connection.

Serendipity. What is that and how is it that I teach that to people?The video above was filmed in New York City on a Friday. At the time of that filming, people were getting ready all over the city to go out to the night clubs.

Well, I teach something a little bit different when it comes to meeting people: It is not night clubs, it is not bars, it is not Tinder or Bumble — I think that there are better ways of meeting than that. It’s teaching people how to meet the way your grandparents met, or the way your parents may have met.

If you’ve ever seen the movie “Before Sunrise”, you’ll know what I mean by serendipity. You have these two characters, Jesse and Celine. They meet on a train, and they look at each other and they have this moment when they just get lost in each other’s eyes, and it’s absolutely beautiful. That’s serendipitous connection and I think more people deserve to have a beautiful story on how to connect that way.

So how do I create that? To me, serendipity can be described synonymously with a “chance meeting”. The most important word there is “chance”. My definition of chance is when preparation meets opportunity.


If you’re a woman that’s reading this and you are planning to go to the bar, preparation is getting ready with your friends, putting on makeup, having a little disco nap. That’s the preparation piece. Now the opportunity is where you go.


If we continue the example from the previous paragraph, the lady goes out to the nightclub or bar. That location is where she increases the opportunities that she has for meeting somebody. That’s certainly one option that she has, but preparation and opportunity can be something else entirely.


For me, that opportunity is your coffee shops, your train station platforms, your aero-planes, your subway stations, your sidewalks, your dog parks. You’re walking the dog at a park and that moment when you see somebody that you want to meet, or you meet somebody and it just takes off leading to those beautiful stories we all love. That’s the opportunity.


Another thing is preparation. Now, the thing is, when it comes to preparation you’re being sold a lie by society that says you need to attract somebody else. I mean, there are schools of thought, there are communities of men that try to learn the techniques to pick up a girl, and believe me I understand that, but there are much more beautiful ways.

Women go out and they see these magazines. Magazines that tell you what to think, what to say, how to dress in a certain way in order to meet the love of your life. I assure you that that is completely incorrect.

The preparation that I talk about is two-fold. The first part is how to experience your own beautiful love, and emotion, and happiness, because that’s where it needs to start.

The second part is how to share that with somebody else, so that way when you do meet somebody, it’s coming from a place of giving, and abundant place. Not a place of scarcity where you’re trying to take something from another person in order to fill yourself up.


That is my serendipitous connection tip. Fill yourself up with your own beautiful emotion first, and then go share it with the world. And if you feel like sharing the love right now, there’s some links to do that on social up above.