The Day We Met

I am currently accepting stories for “The Day We Met”. The book will be a collection of submitted stories of chance meetings and serendipity that led to love, relationship, or connection. Perhaps you sat next to someone on a plane and ended up exploring a city together. Maybe you missed a train and bumped into the love of your life.

If you have a story of serendipity or know anyone that does, click "Learn More" and head over to the book site.

The most engaging stories; the ones that take readers on a journey through the emotion and the adventure of meeting will have the highest likelihood of acceptance.

In addition to a digital campaign, I'll be traveling the United States collecting stories this Summer. If you want keep up date with the book release events, or you'd like to hear a beautiful story of serendipity from time to time, hit the "Learn More" button below.

Also, feel free to share that link below so we can get as many beautiful stories as possible. Love only amplifies when shared.