Diego Cassina is a thought leader on the topic of serendipity, courtship, human connection, and love. His writing has appeared on Elephant Journal, Thought Catalog, and LifeHack among others.

He is also the creator of the experiential event “Finding Love”, where he brings people together for a weekend to teach them how to connect at a very deep emotional level. His message is heart-centered communication that originates from a place of love. Diego wasn’t born knowing this information though.

As a result of childhood trauma, Diego grew up with a fear of rejection and massive shyness. That set the course for his journey to discover how people experience beautiful emotions and transfer those emotions during interaction.

After years of study, he discovered the key steps necessary for finding self-love and creating moments of serendipity and spontaneity. Having overcome his fears and shyness, he began to teach others and realized that he could replicate the same response for other people.

He now teaches people how to give a beautiful moment to someone and allow relationships to flourish as they are intended to grow. He loves hearing how people met and is excited to help others create those moments.

Diego lives in Brooklyn, New York but loves traveling around the globe. He enjoys snowboarding and connecting with people from all walks of life.

This site BumpingIntoLove.com is the place where you can find all posts related back to that central theme: how to meet and connect with people in real-life. His goal is to give you a story similar to “Before Sunrise”. If you haven’t seen it, it is highly recommended that you watch it immediately.

At the end of the day, this site is about you. In it you’ll find strategies for finding your own love and happiness and connection tips for giving that to other people, all of it laying the groundwork for those magical moments of spontaneity to take place.

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The Day We Met

A Collection Of Chance Meetings and Serendipitous Stories